All Downhill from Here

With parental health problems at some kind of temporary quiescent point, I’ve resolved to go to Flipside. I’m prioritizing getting all the expensive stuff done myself in the next five days, and my realtor will deputize some workers to finish the indoor cleaning, painting, and yard work. Hopefully the house will be on the market by the time I get back from my Mom’s after her nose surgery.

Flipside looks to be a Major Mudfest this year, with two weeks of nearly daily rain leading up the event.  A 200-year old pecan tree already fell down very near where we will be camping. We’ve had tree falls for a few years, one of which totaled a vehicle. It’s odd that being randomly crushed by an heirloom pecan is the biggest danger I’ve ever faced at a Burn, but it probably is. I’ll see if I can find a way to allow fast exit from my tent in case I hear any ominous creaking noises at 5 AM.

I’m planning on putting my tent on my 8’x8′ martial arts mats, which should keep it up out of the mud, and putting a bigger tarp over the top to deflect water.


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