Day 3: Salt Lake to Pendleton

Instead of pushing through to Portland at what would have been after midnight, i decided to camp out in Pendleton for the night instead.

I had quite a variety of crazy weather and harrowing driving today, including navigating the mountains of central Oregon along 84 in both the dark *and* the rain while driving a vehicle that weighs at least three times as much as the Metro. I also encountered my first non-playa windstorm straight out of Oz in southern Idaho. That plus the knowledge that i was missing a lot of breathtaking scenery convinced me to quit early. I had some of the best fish and chips of my life at The Prodigal Son, and am looking forward to driving the rest of the mountains at dawn.

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One Response to Day 3: Salt Lake to Pendleton

  1. Scott Mauer says:

    The Metro’s curb weight is 1895 lbs. The Sprinter’s is 5476 lbs, so it is *almost* 3x as heavy as the Metro, which, without its mirrors, could probably fit inside it.

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