Portland Landing

I missed my breathtaking sunrise Saturday morning due to rain, but the rest of the trip from Pendleton to Portland was gorgeous, and much less stressful driven in the daytime! My host Amanda was out of town hashing on the coast, so I proceeded directly to the PSU Farmer’s Market downtown. I *almost* managed to get there without digital assistance, but I finally caved. I then rewarded my weakness by buying a shitload of berries and other goodies. I would have gotten more, but I don’t yet have a fridge.
I then proceeded to Eat Pizza! downtown for lunch, the source of the best gluten-free pizza I’ve had in Portland. While inhaling their amazing pie, I did some research on folding bicycles from Clever Cycles, a place where a friend recently purchased a Brompton. The combination risked flooding the small establishment with drool, and I realized I actually had enough time to visit the shop before they closed. I drove across town to their location near Ladd’s Addition. Having gotten up at 5:30 AM, I decided to take a short nap.

Two hours and 45 minutes after Clever Cycles had closed for the day, I woke up hungry. I walked around the corner to Chicken and Guns and ordered some. I followed up that finger-licking repast by going over to a local burger chain for a milkshake. It was getting close to dusk, and I wanted to get to Amanda’s to set up Lee’s Soul Pad, the stand-in for my yurt on this trip. Where is the yurt, you ask? It’s sitting in Texas with about half of my worldly possessions in it.

If you haven’t seen a Soul Pad before, they’re worth checking out. Lee’s has nearly the same footprint as my smaller yurt (12′ in diameter) and is nearly as tall in the middle, but has *much* lower walls. It’s a bit faster to set up, but requires a shitload of staking and guy wires, whereas the yurt is fully internally braced and doesn’t have to be staked down except in super-high winds. Here’s a stock shot of the Soul Pad, I’ll post images of my setup here once I’ve taken some.

The main functional difference is that the Soul Pad encourages a near-the-ground approach to living, whereas my yurt supports fully upright usage even for someone of my height. I can still stand up inside the SP, but only near the center. Since I’m considering a Japanese floor-sitting type theme for Junior’s interior, living in the Soul Pad here for three weeks will be an interesting experiment.

I wrestled my full-sized memory foam mattress into the SP along with a few must-have items, stuffed everything else back into Junior for tomorrow, and hit the sack.

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