i’m not lazy, i’m present!

i normally blog on this trip. This time i really haven’t. it’s been too short, i’m on vacation after years of working to escape the American Dream, and i’ve been too busy stuffing myself with Thai food, Norwegian breakfast, and local coffee. It’s not that i have nothing to say — God knows i’ve been stewing in the need to write for a long, long time while knee-and-lung-deep in paint and drywall dust. 

Tomorrow i leave. i’ve snapped some shots. i have some stories. You will hear about them, but not before i’m gone.

 A better blogging camera and cleaner workflow would really help. I’ve been moving from blogging from my laptop to my iPad with a keyboard. It’s a lighter and cleaner, but there’s no way to sync pictures from my current camera.

I haven’t watched the latest Apple Keynote yet, but I hear they have a device that would be really good for visual artists. My main tech profession gig will still be transformative mobile gaming, but I want to clarify my illustration skills enough to use them professionally.  I drew frequently through college, and want to reclaim that legacy. Time to go see what’s on offer!

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