Wheels and Bustiers

Alpha at the Farm

The Plan: Live in yurt at farm for Permaculture, Sabbatical, and Community, have my urban stealth camper in town for bike- and walk-ability and General City Living. Move back and forth every few days on a motorcycle to reduce fuel expense.

The Reality: Yurt has to move soon, want to build platform, living as guest in trailer until Nov. 1st. Junior, my 2007 Sprinter, is still just a cluttered cargo van at the farm. My Vino 125 can only muster about 50 mph on much of the trip out here, which is unsafe and discourteous to other drivers.

I want something faster and sexier to replace the Vino. I’m a total MPG snob, so nothing under 70 mpg is acceptable. The Vino gets 80-85 mpg.  It also needs to be able to carry my folding bike and a decent amount of cargo, and navigate the 1/4 mile of rock-and-dirt bounciness that is the entrance to the farm. I’m still researching, but currently leaning toward a 2013 Suzuki TU250X. I haven’t ridden a bike with a clutch since my original motorcycle safety course, but I’m sure I’ll catch on quickly. I had considered the possibility of an electric motorcycle, because they’ve really come down in price and gone up in quality recently, but one requirement for that vehicle is that it can make local 100-200 mile trips, and I don’t know of any reasonably priced EV cycle that can go that far on one charge.

I’m also building a platform for the yurt. I want it to be light but sturdy, easy to assemble and disassemble, and simple to level. I’d also like to build it mainly out of recycled material. Since the footers will protect it from termites and the yurt itself will protect it from sun and rain, I can probably get away with using non-pressure treated lumber and still have it last a decently long time. I’m looking into designs now. I also really like the idea of a compressed earth floor, and while I think it’s not the best choice at the moment, I may try that technique with a smaller camping yurt I’m planning on building later.

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One Response to Wheels and Bustiers

  1. Karen says:

    My life is less complicated without endless projects that keep me from earning income. Are you happy with all of your decisions? It all sounds extremely complicated to lead to a simpler life? You could always buy a horse rather than a motorcycle.

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