“I Can See the Floor!!!”

Since both the yurt and the van have to be empty to take the yurt down, I needed more storage space. Lee and I cleared out some space in the barn, but then workers came into today and Bobcatted the massive pile of horse manure beneath it, reversing our work. I asked Lee if we could set up a the Soul Pad as a temporary waterproof storage, and he was game. Since it will probably be at least a week or two before the yurt platform is built and I can set it back up again, I needed to decide if I would be sleeping in the yurt or inside Junior. I decided to go with Junior, which required me to actually clean him *out*, which I haven’t done since I first bought him 5000 miles ago. Junior is up off the ground in the case of additional flooding, and probably better insulated than the Soul Pad. He’s also going to be an RV, so I figured more sleeping inside might help me get in the spirit of things. I got out the McCloud that Susan gave me and started raking and prying up stumps.


Once the Soul Pad was set up, I went back to my van and pulled out the ridiculous (and eventually insufficient) number of tubs I had purchased from Costco. I then systematically went from front to back, sorting as I went. I took breaks, drank tea, but eventually, just before dark, *everything* was out! Behold the Before and After!



I moved most of the tubs, now sorted, into the Soul Pad, where I put a lock on the zippers.

Lee and I set up my dorm fridge in the commercial kitchen in the barn in anticipation of losing access to the trailer on Sunday. Tomorrow will be the big push to get the yurt down before it starts raining, and to get the trailer cleaned up before the new couple moves in on Sunday.

And on that note, I’m out.

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