The Temple Hanging

Most of the frame complete!

Six of Nine Tic-Tac-Toe segments complete! The corner pieces, especially two of them, are way trickier than the middle, but the frame will still be together and leveled tomorrow. I’m drilling and bolting as I go, because I don’t believe that measuring and pre-drilling will match up well enough with dimensional lumber.

These t-nuts that Steve recommended are great! You thread them onto the end of the hex bolt, then as you ratchet the other end, their teeth get pulled into the wood until they’re flush. That way they take up no space, and are impossible to lose, since they’re permanently attached to the wood.

Most of the frame complete!

Most of the frame complete!

Overall it’s already pretty stable. I can walk on it with a minimum of wobble, and the jacks aren’t even fully leveled yet. At the stability of all frame pieces and two offset layers of OSB over it all, and maybe a few storm ties if the yurt and contents aren’t heavy enough, and I think it will be rock solid for at least 4-6 people.

These are vivisected tomato paste cans. I’ve bolted them to the bottom of the wood to re-enforce it, then added two layers of super-heavy PVC shower liner to keep the different metals apart and add a tiny amount of cushioning. The way I bolted them on is why some of the jacks aren’t centered perfectly in their footers. The spacing of the footers is correct at 45″ each, but instead of the jack being right at the corner of 3-4 pieces, it’s entirely under just one, meaning it’s offset by more than an inch from the intended location. I may have another solution involving Simpson Strong Ties, but I don’t think I’ll be using it this time. Lee mentioned I could probably just move the top of each stack over a few inches, and that would probably be fine.

Most of the frame complete!

The grey can is where they’re ideally supposed to be, and where I set the footers. The red can is where they’re actually bolted on, which is over an inch away from ideal. With 12″ x 12″ footers, I thought I’d have lots of wiggle room, but a few of them are still right at the edge of the footers somehow.


Had another session of not being able to start the Sprinter, but I finally got it started after 12-16 tries, and it got me into town to hear Katie’s amazing house concert with three other spectacular women and at least back here to Strange Brew.

Now we see if it will get me home… 🙂


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