Legomania is Incurable

I finished bolting together the frame today, then worked into the night to finish re-centering about half the footers and finally level the entire frame. I spend some time just hanging out with the structure in the light of my headlamp, walking across the double-members, bouncing it around, and touching it. There’s a certain kind of magic to creating something in a drawing, doing a bunch of calculations, digging, and work, and then seeing and touching the thing from the drawing right in front of you in real life.

Yurt platform frame complete and leveled.

This was taken before I re-centered the footers. You can see how several are pretty far off center. In the future, I will probably use the actual frame to place the footers, then move it, out of the way far enough to do the digging and setting, so they’re all in exactly the right place the first time. With help I think I could lift it over and off pretty easily.

Yurt platform frame complete and leveled.

Looking forward to starting on the floors tomorrow!

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