Like Psycho, Sans Murder

Most of the frame complete!

With the removal of the large machete from the shower, some hard work, and the creation of actual tin hats, it is now possible for me to *bathe* in the same building as I *sleep*.

At least until the yurt is up.

Since I’ve gotten back from Portland in late September, I’ve lived in a mostly-finished medium-sized trailer, my van, and a smaller, much less-finished trailer. The second trailer had no hot water until two days ago when I fixed it by replacing a previously water-logged micro switch. Since the leak that lead to the original problem, likely caused by failing to weatherproof in cold, hasn’t been repaired, I created a tiny tin foil hat for the switch, directing water to less damaging locales. It’s not a good fix, but I don’t care that much because I’m not going to be in the trailer much longer anyway. My yurt, upon arrival, won’t have hot water either, but at least it will be *my* lack of hot water, and not someone else’s.

In other news, I am *sorely* tempted by one of these:

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