Tiny, Tiny Ownership!

I spent the night in the yurt for the first time last night! There’s no insulation yet, so I used the electric blanket and a hat to stay warm.


I’m super excited to finally have my own space again! This is the culmination of at *least* two years of hard work on my part, to have my own tiny space, free of mortgages, banks, needless clutter, unwanted intrusions, the inability to control my space, and a million other things. I feel very proud to have gotten this far, and am really looking forward to the rest of the adventure that is my life!

The space is *super* small and unfurnished. It’s only 12′ across. The full sized bed extends nearly to the centerline.

The bed is on a futon frame. My current mattress is too thick, so I ordered a 5″ one. In the meantime I’ll leave it in bed mode.

After some shoving and “hmmm”ing, the configuration pictured here feels the best, with the bed angled in from the left. The bed has its own domain, but 2/3 of the space is still open for the kitchen and sitting area.


This was another configuration I tried:


There was water leakage from rain, because while the roof vinyl is new, the walls are years old. I’ll head to Lamar to get more in the next few days. Until then, I’m not insulating it. It could clearly be buttoned up more tightly, as I was awakened by a super-cute birdy this morning who though he’d found the best nest *EVAR* until he saw the Giant Ape. While adorable, this fails to meet my Mosquito-proof standard.

The insulation, once it’s on, will fill up a lot of the gaps. Tightening a strap around the bottom of the wall where it goes over the drip ring would also help, but would have the unfortunate side-effect of preventing passage from “outside” to “inside,” because right now I’m using the extra wall as a door. I shrunk the doorframe down recently, and haven’t made a new door to fit it yet. This time I want something more heavy, weatherproof, and attractive. I’ll probably head to the Habitat Restore to find something for a little artistic vandalism to that end.

I’d really like to cover the yurt with marine duck canvas like this instead of the billboard vinyl, but that will be a lot of both expense and work, so I think I’ll wait until I’ve got reliable income again before taking that step.


It’s only worth doing if I decide to keep living in this structure long-term. If it turns out to be too small, I’ll probably sell this entire setup and make a 16′ yurt instead. If it’s clean and nice-looking, I can probably get at least $1500-2000 for it. For camping purposes, I’m intending to make a much smaller yurt that will deploy quickly for use in places like Portland and burn events.

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