The Steps to the Temple

I now have light as well as heat in my yurt! I re-skinned the Gay Umbrella, which has too many holes to fix, with translucent plastic to allow light through. I could feel Republican candidates for president salivating in my mind as I whitewashed the umbrella, but I flashed them mental projections of Goatsee whenever it got too intense.



I also cut a hole for the roof ring in three layers of U-Haul felt.



The comforters and sleeping bags work really well on the walls and the lower part of the roof, but things get weird up near the roof ring, leaving un-insulated patches. The felt fits directly over the crown of the yurt to cover about a foot or two down from the ring all the way around. It also provides some friction to help keep up all the comforters, most of which aren’t actually attached. With that step, the only Big Leaks are at the roof hole and the doorway, which is currently only covered by a horse blanket and a flap of the yurt wall vinyl. I put a second layer of translucent plastic over the bottom of the ring. It’s not airtight, but it’s a lot better than it was before.

I also got the steps about 90% done today, starting from just lumber and the stringers I bought.


I chose not to have a landing, because the door is already too short for me. It feels really good stepping up *into* the yurt, but it’s a little goofy coming out. That’s largely because of the flappy nature of the horse blanket, though, so once there’s a proper door, I think it will be more graceful. All I need to do to finish is sand and maybe stain it, then put it onto concrete pavers instead of directly on the ground.


Finally, I restore the large LED floodlight fixture I’ve used in the past when I want to light the entire yurt. Between that and the translucent ring cover, it’s a much brighter place! As a result, I got out of bed at 9 AM today, despite having run out of gas for the heater sometime in the early morning. I have the electric blanket and a second bottle of propane as backup.


It’s feeling more like a real house every day!

The landlord has a broken on-demand water heater that I may buy from him. I was thinking about carrying water by hand for a while, but I may wimp out and go straight to hot and cold plumbing. 🙂

I’m still using the kitchen, toilet, and shower in the small trailer. Tomorrow I’ll start moving more kitchen and office stuff into the yurt.

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