Unifying the Silos

My Dad’s, who’s been in an assisted living facility for about a year, was convinced to check into a senior psychiatric facility on Sunday after Much Drama. Even though the place he’s at cares for people with dementia, he was still too much for them to handle. It’s actually a good thing, because his enormous list of medical and psychiatric conditions consistently lead to problems because our medical system is so fragmented. He’s nearly deaf, has bipolar disorder, mid-stage dementia, and grew up in Nazi Germany, in addition to heart and other health issues. Each doctor or specialist treats just their problem, the list of drugs and possible interactions get longer, and none of them talk to each other directly to coordinate care. This place does exactly that, with doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other therapists all working together. I’m hoping that he emerges not just happier and more stable, but with a care regimen that simplifies and balances his situation as much as possible.

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2 Responses to Unifying the Silos

  1. JE Formby says:

    I am sorry that your father has this journey but am glad that you are helping voice concerns and navigate the system. Everyone needs an advocate. Peace and comfort….

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