Too Many Variables

I’ve been *way* too negatively amped over the past 48 hours.

Although my life itself has been very frustrating the past few days, the degree of anger and denial I’ve been fighting nearly every moment has been really disproportionate, and exactly the kind of thing that tends to snowball. Sitting here after my delicious breakfast of broiled asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, I’m looking at all the things I changed at once.

1) Switched from Bulletproof coffee, which is supposed to have less fungus in it than other coffees to a different brand. I tried it specifically because “normal” coffee causes a lot of anxiety other’s don’t seem to experience.

2) Bought three fucking cinnamon-butter crusted pound cakes in a weak moment at Costco, which I’ve been freebasing ever since. Thankfully they’re almost gone.

3) Started taking my multi-vitamin and glucosamine supplements again after not taking them for months

4) Switched from bacon to some awful torture-pork sausage patties who’s ingredients are pork, water, sugar, spices, and MSG. They are cheap, super convenient, and were something of a comfort food during the Endless Home Remodel.

5) My Dad’s been in a psychiatric facility after his nursing home threatened to kick him out. He’s doing better, and is getting good care, but obviously it’s stressful

6) My Yurt Project, which has been fabulous for weeks, hit a Major Setback that’s exactly the kind of death-by-a-thousand-cuts that makes all this kind of anxiety and irritation worse.

Because I changed all these things at once, I don’t really know for sure where the anxiety is coming from, but the best bets are the pound cake and the MSG in the pork patties. I’ve also been wanting to go full keto for a few weeks near the end of winter. Since it’s also cedar pollen season here in Austin, now would be a good time. My reaction to cedar is *much* lower when I’m on a low inflammation diet. So I think I’ll start ramping down to keto today.

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1 Response to Too Many Variables

  1. Vasa says:

    That does sound like a recipe for trouble, but good on you in the self awareness department!

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