Soft Surfaces and Sharp Objects

Knives and Mattresses

I have a decision to make.

I currently own four mattresses. I also own sharp objects.

I want to save space by making a smaller bed that only expands when I have guests. I want this feature in both the yurt and the van, *probably* not at the same time. I have a queen mattress that’s long enough, and three full-size ones that aren’t.

Sportsmobile uses 30″-wide beds for many of its Sprinter conversion vans. If I cut my queen in half, that’s what I’d have. I’ve used Therma-A-Rests of that width for years while camping, though it’s a little narrower than I’d like. The cover and the fitted sheets would have to be custom, though Twin XLs might fit with some sag. It would be cheap, and I could sell all my other mattresses.

On the other hand, it seems like the ideal size for me alone is a Twin XL. However, I could only make one of those from my Queen. The offcut would be too narrow to sleep on, and would only be useful as a bench-back and to make the bed back into a Queen when I have a guest. This means I would get only one useful bed out of it. On the other hand, the covers and fitted sheets could be bought off the shelf with no problem. I could also cut up one of my full-sized mattresses and do the same thing in the van, though it would be slightly more complicated since I’d have to add length to the longest piece as well as narrow it.

My intention was to sleep on the cut mattress tonight.

Hmmmmm… *sharpens knives against each other*

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