The Great Vehicle Question Solved

Alpha at the Farm

I now live several miles out of town. i thought i needed another vehicle, but after several months, i’ve discovered i was wrong.

A Squadron of Vinos at Central Market

When I first moved out here, i thought the highway was the only reasonable way to get here, so my 85 MPG Vino 125 scooter went from being The Ultimate Weapon for most driving to nearly useless, since it isn’t highway legal and tops out at 55 MPH. The Metro still has a blown head gasket, and Junior, my hulking 2007 Sprinter only gets 20 MPG and will need to go in for some serious work soon.


I was convinced i needed to get a motorcycle that could do the highway, at least for a few miles, and i spent a lot of time and effort trying to make that happen. However, every time i was just about to buy something, i’d see another wrecked bike by the side of the highway, or hear another horror story of someone who was seriously injured and almost killed in a cycle accident. It would have also cost me several thousand out of pocket to trade up the Vino for a cycle, and probably another $600 or more for extra armor i wouldn’t be willing to ride on the highway without. I’ve also be super interested in the Elio as a replacement for the Metro, but as far as i know they’re still not in production yet.

I still have plans to fix the Metro, though I’m not as dead-set on it as i was. It would be nice to at least cut down the weeds currently making it almost invisible. πŸ™‚

It turns out, though, that there is a mostly-through-town route to east Austin that takes less than 30 minutes on the scooter! The traffic rarely wants to go more than 50 MPH, and when it does there are always two lanes, so I’m not slowing anyone down.

I’ve always loved the Vino, and I’m excited i get to keep riding it now that the weather has improved. I got a new set of tires professionally installed today, which it desperately needed, and will start marching through the rest of the routine maintenance over the next week. It handles a *lot* better with the new tires. Now that i can count on it as my main vehicle when i don’t need to carry cargo, i can look at getting the major work on Junior done. I still need to decide if the Metro is worth saving. I can’t really claim I need it, but it does get 38 in the city and 50 on the highway, so there might still be a place for it. It depends on whether it’s worth insuring or not.

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One Response to The Great Vehicle Question Solved

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I’ve got a couple of bikes in the garage uninsured at the moment. Both are awesome, but the weather here doesn’t really permit riding year round. And in this state you can’t split lanes so eating someones exhaust in traffic sucks. A couple of days ago, my car stopped dead in the fast lane on the freeway! It was scary. Two nice guys stopped and helps me get it over to the emergency lane and then a city worker stopped all the lanes of traffic and pushed me all the way to the right of the lanes into the emergency lane there. Then a metro cop stopped and stayed with me for an hour until a tow truck came. Wow was that a night. I did make it to the concert in time! Hahaha. Maybe find good homes for the bikes and get one that does all you need it to do? πŸ™‚

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