Behold! The BATCAVE!

Our valiant router’s Time of Trials is at an end!

Behold the Bat Cave!


For months our poor wi-fi router has been strapped like a shrink-wrapped cyberpunk Jesus to an outdoor upright on the barn, protected from the elements only by two plastic bags haphazardly thrown over it to keep off the rain. The power outlet and adapters were frequently not really protected at all, and sometimes got wet. It was also plugged into the end of a long chain of extension cords that also included the heaviest power tools like the chop saw. Shockingly, we frequently had intermittent problems getting online, and sometimes had to walk down to the barn, past the spookable horses, in the middle of the night to reset the poor thing.

We all knew this couldn’t continue. The Asus Dark Knight is a pricey piece of hardware, and without it the rest of the network is reduced to fancy doorstops.

Lee had the idea of building a little birdhouse out of recycled cedar, which seemed to fit the bill. After a particularly vicious set of storms that drove rain sideways into the barn for hours, I knew it was time. I started tearing apart the old cedar palettes, and two days later I had the basic birdhouse built.


In addition to the snazzy-and-hard-to-cut Bat Signal vents in the top, it also has four vents in the bottom, all of which are now covered with screening to keep out our bumper crop of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. We’ll probably add some radiant barrier, and possibly a 12v fan if necessary as we get into the summer. Network reliability is already better, but only time will tell if it’s enough protection for what’s basically an indoor router. We also plugged it into the electrical system in Lee’s tackroom, which was installed recently by an actual electrician, and is on a different circuit than all our heavy power tools.


I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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2 Responses to Behold! The BATCAVE!

  1. Karen Mauer says:

    I would treat the inside with some sort of bug deterrent. It is cute though.

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