Shields Up!

I spent about three hours resizing a magnetic doorscreen for the yurt! It has no windows, so the only way to get airflow without using the AC was to open the front door, which lead directly to Mosquitopocalypse. It also created the irony of needing the AC to sleep at night even when it’s actually cool enough outside to be comfortable, which is garbage. Once I finish the roof ring screen tonight, I’ll be able to let the yurt’s natural chimney effect ventilate it while filtering out the stormcloud of mosquitos on the property right now.

Doorway now bug free!

Doorway now bug free!

Here’s how I did it.

1) I installed the door and velcro according to the directions, starting at the top and going down. This means everything is correct but the bottom.

Doorway now bug free!

2) I cut off the bottom about an inch above the two strong magnets on the lower edge. The bottom of the fabric needs to be near the floor for proper operation.

3) I put the bottom piece up against the top piece at the bottom of the door to see where it would end up. I marked that position with scotch tape.

4) I cut the extra off the bottom part of the doorway fabric about 1/2 below where the top of the bottom piece goes. This means that when the bottom piece is in place, the top and bottom overlap by that 1/2.

5) The bottom magnets on the top portion might fall out, so I put in a few stitches so prevent that.

6) After checking everything for fit, I stitched the right and left sides of each bottom piece in place, leaving the middle hanging.

7) Everything should now be in its final place. My netting had little dark lines going vertically, which made it easy to align the top and bottom sections. I threaded the longest needle I could find, and weaved it between the top and bottom pieces from one side along the bottom of the join, then back across the top part of the join. As I went I checked to make sure the dark lines overlapped for horizontal alignment, and the fabric was the right distance above the floor.

I’m much too tired to draw diagrams for any of this now, but would be happy to answer questions.

Airflow != Mosquitoes

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