Boosted Ambitions

I spent several hours today replacing the tube that goes down from the resonator to the intercooler hose. The old one was Profoundly Fucked Up:

Hot on the tail of the Elusive Turbo Leak!

Despite the damage, it actually looked like it was still mating correctly. However, after fixing one other leak and doing extensive pressure testing, it was the most obvious thing to fix. I took the opportunity to replace several other gaskets in the system exposed by the repair, because it’s easy and cheap. As usual, I would have been done in about 1/4 the time but for the very last torx bolt, which was right next to the suspension and had only about 3/4″ of clearance to put on a tool. I ended up having to borrow a 8 mm box wrench from Tyler, which barely allowed me to squeak by getting it on and off. I’ll pick up on at pawn shop next time I’m in town.

My Kessel Run for testing this repair is from here to Webberville and back. Appropriately it’s a twelve mile round trip. It’s all highway, with a variety of turns and straightaways. I hooked up my iCarsoft MBII ODB2 scanner to keep an eye on the boost pressure and boost actuator position. For the first time I got all the way to the Webberville Grocery store with no boost problems or codes. This is the first time I’ve driven Junior since the Green Diesel Electric computer upgrade, and it went like a bat out of Hell, particularly during my Unnecessary Display of Acceleration heading back. I was excited enough to buy some booze and sugar donuts at the grocery. I made it all the way back with no runs, drips, code, or errors!


Special thanks to the guys from the Sprinter Source Forum, without whom none of this would have been possible. It’s not like I have the slightest fucking idea how a high-end Mercedes turbo diesel engine works.

It’s too early to be 100% certain the problem is solved, but I’m unable to contain my excitement. I’ve been beating this dead horse long past the point where putrefaction required switching to a bad mitten racket, and, frankly, the smell was beginning to wear.

This also brings hope, parental health willing, that I’ll still make it to Portland this summer.

Time to spend thousands of dollars on RV upgrades!

* Update: The low boost code came back after less than 40 miles of driving. I’m super disappointed and back to pressure testing the system.

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