Working Under Pressure

One reason it’s been hard to diagnose Junior’s turbo pressure problem is that it’s been really hard to get the system up to the 15 PSI necessary, so today I created this:

My turbo pressure test adapter!

Here it is hooked up to the turbo input and my compressor:

My turbo pressure test adapter!

With this I was finally able to get a good seal. The leak at the join between the turbo output and the resonator pipe had returned. I was able to “repair” it by loosening the *one* screw that holds it on, wiggling artfully, and re-tightening the screw. I don’t have a high degree of confidence it will last forever, and this might be why:


The end of that tube is supposed to be round. I’m not sure why a corner is buzzed off. The place where the seal happens is way inside the pipe where you can see it narrow down, so I have my doubts that this effecting that seal, but if the problem keeps popping up in this location I’ll order a new one.

I re-did the Kessel Run to Webberville and everything worked. However, I lost the turbo coming out of the parking lot of a grocery store less than a mile from where I live. I ordered the replacement pipe along with a turn signal on the mirror I shattered before I got used to the Junior’s size. If I have time I might try some artful banging on the bracket again tomorrow before I leave to visit Abigail, but if I don’t it won’t be the first time I make the 100 mile one-way trip without the turbo. Replacing the pipe will take less than 20 minutes when it arrives next week.

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