Dreams of Portlandia

I ordered a MaxxAir Deluxe fan for the van today.

I’d really like to do a drip to Portland this year and live in the van instead of a my yurt. I *definitely* don’t have time to do the full conversion I’d like to do before I leave, so I’m trying to cobble together a full-time living space from what I’ve got, and am ordering only the new items I really need. It would be an excellent field test before I commit to a final layout.

I’ve already got a really pathetic solar setup, with three 15-watt solar panels that barely qualify as Better Than Nothing. However, combined with a spare car battery, they’d probably be enough to run LED lights, my water pump, and my new fan. Completion of anything close to the final solar setup will take months of time I don’t have right now, so avoiding that is my best ticket to getting on the road soon. Although I’ve decided to completely remove propane and go with full electric for the final version, I already have a killer propane setup I bought to use in both the yurt and the van, as well as a battery-compatible dishwashing sink system. Since these are still in the prototype phase in the yurt, I can move them into the van and strap them down. I think I’ll simply do dry ice and a cooler for refrigeration on what will probably be a 5-6 week trip. Add a composting toilet to this setup, and I think I’ve got all the bases covered.

I put a new part on the turbo today, something else broke, and I ordered another inexpensive part. I’m thinking about developing a new symbol for this sentence to save time. I repaired the existing gasket, which is on the input and probably won’t effect the turbo pressure, with some silicone caulk until the new part arrives. Driving testing will commence tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Dreams of Portlandia

  1. Sounds awesome! Bare necessities is all that’s required for adventures to abound! 🙂

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