Migrating Costco from Amex to Visa

So for years I’ve used my Costco Amex card for everything, because it gets me a Big Fat Check (usually around $80) by the end of the year. It’s the only credit card I use, and I pay it off every week. Costco switched to Visa recently, which is great, because a lot of places don’t take Amex. However, I neglected to get the last few months of transactions from my Amex account before they closed it, and was assuming I would have to spend several hours beating my head against the wall with Banktivity to reconcile, and just deal with the fact that my budget would be off for a while.

However, when I created a new account for my Costco Visa, transactions went back *much* further than when I first opened it, and I *think* they actually transferred over all the transactions and balances! So all the info is there, and instead I get to beat my head against the wall separating them back into two different accounts instead.


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