Escape Velocity Achieved!

Post EGR bolt installation testing.

I managed to achieve Escape Velocity from Austin late yesterday despite having forgotten several critical items on my Checklist. Scott’s Second Rule of Packing clearly states, however, that At a Certain Point, the Checklist Simply Becomes and Excuse to Not Leave. I’ve gone Above and Beyond accommodating Reality’s wishes in my trip scheduling, and it was high time to start shift priorities firmly back to What I Want rather than What’s Possible. I’m very glad I got to squeeze in one more visit to Abigail here in Bryan before leaving, after which I’ll head north to see my Mom for the rest of the week. Then, finally, next weekend, I’ll head West for what I hope will be the rest of the summer. I’m not coming back until the daily highs in Austin are in the low 90s! Texas is a pestilential shithole for pretty much the entire summer, and I invite all my friends and relations to join me in its abandonment during times of triple-digit temperatures. I’d be willing to bet Big Money that moving the entire population to more hospitable climes takes less energy than running the AC all summer long!

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