The Wilds of Hurst

My plans for my semi-yearly west coast adventure were once again dashed when, during my visit to see my Mom in Hurst, she fell and broke her right arm. She tripped over the footrest of a recliner I’ve left deployed frequently on previous visits. The good news is that it was a clean radius brake, and once she’s recovered she should be fine, but the bad news is that she can’t live without full-time help until she’s able to start using her arm again.

It’s been stressful, but we’re getting better at living together with practice, and we’re trying to make the most of it. I made her this one-handed card holder out of a shelf I bought at a thrift store, and she really likes it:


Now that we’re past the triage stage, I’ve been getting more time to myself, and have finally begun the Unity 3D training course I bought from Udemy last year. It assumes no programming experience, which is 20 years less than I have, but we’re finally getting past the simple stuff and into the Unity interface and engine. It’s wonderful to be programming again, I haven’t really coded consistently for years, and I’ve missed it. I’m really looking forward to the power that Unity can bring to my games. I also made The Tube!


On a whim I tried using the Samsung TV build target from Unity for one of my lessons, and after a bit of fiddling, I got it to work! Among other things, this means I might be able to make custom apps for my Mom that run on her TV GodWall.

I’m almost completely healed from my scooter accident:


I’m past wearing bandages, and am just keeping the area saturated in Bacitracin to speed healing.

The D/FW scooter market is substantially better than Austin, so I may end up buying a replacement scooter up here. I’m leaning heavily toward a Honda PCX 150. It would only cost a bit more than the money I’m getting from insurance for the wreck, has just enough extra horsepower to get me on the highway for an exit or two, which is very helpful in Austin, and gets even *better* fuel economy than my 80 mpg Vino.

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