ScreamStyling at 103 MPG

My new 2015 Honda PCX150! I got it for $2200 with 405 miles on it!

So I recently scored a 2015 Honda PCX 150 to replace my totaled Yamaha Vino 125. I got it for a screaming $2200 with only 405 miles on it in absolutely perfect condition when they sell for $3500 new. Then my Mom offered to pay for it in gratitude for the two months I’ve taken out of my life to help her recover from her broken arm! Thanks Mom! Due to only having a bicycle helmet and very open sunglasses, my test drive was very utilitarian, with my right eye tearing up so badly on the acceleration test that I actually couldn’t see. I scored a new helmet at Cycle Gear on clearance for $10, but the subsequent fiasco of actually getting it to me left me helmetless and therefore unable to ride my new baby for a week. I finally managed to beat a loaner helmet out of them after they fixed the shipping error that lead to the delay, and I’ve been riding for the past two days.

I *love* the new bike! It’s smooth, stable, quiet, substantially peppier than my Vino, and the running MPG gauge with about 20 miles on it reads 103.4 MPG!!! Holy fuck! And not only is the fuel economy a cool 20 MPG *better* than my already amazing Vino, but it also runs on standard gas instead of premium, so the cost per mile is probably at least 25% lower than the Vino. Amazing! The vehicle actually gets FIVE TIMES the fuel economy of Junior, my Sprinter, which, at 20 MPG, gets excellent mileage for a massive cargo van.

This is all part of my plan to live further out of town in my yurt to lower my rent, while still lowering my total fuel bill despite the extra distance. Between this baby getting 100 MPG on about 80% of my trips, and Junior’s eventual ability to stay in town a full-time living space for days at a time, I think I’m going to be able to accomplish what many considered an impossible goal.

This area is mostly suburban retail, so I’m getting that mileage with traffic lights every few blocks. I still haven’t had a chance to max out the speed on a flat with a safe helmet and traffic conditions, but that probably won’t happen while I’m up here in Hurst. The highways have changed substantially from when I lived here, and the chance I would get caught on the highway in an unsafe situation is too high. In Austin I know every turn and crater, and there I can see if this vehicle will finally fulfill the holy grail of being able to hop on the highway for just a few exits at a few critical places in town.

My new jacket also seems adequately vented, and I was about as comfortable as it’s possible to be sitting on top of large black scooter in mid-90s temperatures. The more conservative people in this area continue to be alarmed by the abrupt diving line between my speed-racer upper body and my high-water cargo pants, striped wool socks, and sandals, so I feel like I’m doing my part to Make Hurst Weird!

I do believe this vehicle will do nicely.

Now I just need a name…

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2 Responses to ScreamStyling at 103 MPG

  1. Dale Barnard says:

    How’d the old one get totaled? You okay? Do you have a bumper mount for the new one, or does it go inside the van?

    • Scott Mauer says:

      Dale! Good to hear from you!

      Someone in a Honda CR-V hit the car behind me at a stoplight hard enough to push it 15 feet into the intersection through me even though its brakes were locked. I was sitting at a traffic light waiting to turn left. Thanks to my jujutsu training I was able to roll off before the bike completely fell over, after which it scraped by me under the bumper of the car. I’m very lucky I wasn’t killed. This happened right before I left for my Mom’s place, so I haven’t been able to dig into the bike to see what was wrong. It wouldn’t start. The insurance company totalled it, but if it’s not too banged up I may repair it and sell it.

      It was never my plan to use the scooter outside Austin. I have a Brompton folding bicycle that I use for local transportation when I go somewhere in the van. I just happened to have my ramps with me up here in Hurst when my Mom broke her arm and my vacation was replaced with two months of nursemaiding, and the market is better up here than in Austin. It *is* my intention to make the conversion on the van modular enough to be able to load the scooter occasionally when needed.

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