Returning to Austin

I’m back in Austin in time for exactly the weather I was hoping to experience in Portland! I’ve been gone since August, after my planned trip west morphed into more than two months helping my Mom get over a broken arm. Lee vacated his trailer and had to pile a bunch of my stuff into the yurt.

Reclaiming the yurt!

It smelled a little musty after months of no maintenance, but I continue to be impressed by how well it performs in brutal Texas weather.

It was packed with clutter and I could barely walk. The fridge lost power when I was gone, and contained a lot of Mystery Mildew. The sink cabinet and my water spritzer system were in the van, never installed,, and the only cooking appliance that worked was my espresso machine. Priorities! After about a day of work, I now have a working sink setup with my 12V spritzer, a microwave, toaster oven, and induction stove. The fridge is cleaner, and will be ready for more food once I hit it with some disinfectant.

Reclaiming the yurt!
After a trip to Wheatsville, I should be able to try out Mom’s birthday gift, a new waffle iron! I perfected enough low-carb batter recipes while helping my Mom get started on Atkins that I feel I can make waffles a staple food while still staying mostly low-carb.

My attempt to fix my old burr grinder failed, so I ordered a hand-grinder. Using 120 V to grind coffee for one or two people is a pretty good example of ridiculous overkill. Even though electric motors are generally very reliable, that’s what died on mine. The grinding mechanism was just fine, but there was no graceful way to adapt it to hand power.

Junior has done very well since I fixed a damaged wire on his fuel injections circuit. A terrible wobble in the steering was just improper front tire inflation, and I now have about four hundred miles with no dashboard lights or other problems. He’s a pleasure to drive when functioning properly! I’m still only getting about 18.7 MPG, even with the GDE tune, which is disappointing, but I’ve been carrying a lot of cargo. It’s still higher than the average for a 2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 on Fuelly at 17.5 mpg. However, I’m guessing this is probably about the weight he’ll be after I finish the conversion. At some point I should be able to do a drive to 100 mile drive to Bryan empty for comparison.

Found the fuel injector wire problem!

I’m looking forward to moving forward with the yurt, Junior’s conversion, and my professional development with Unity 3D. I also signed up for another Udemy course on the Unreal engine. Between those two I should have many career opportunities!

I’m also racing to finish my Trump Bump game before the election.

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