Cute Dinosaur EVAR!

My local pest control officer!
Nature will frequently solve problems if I don’t reflexively work to stop her:

The Adorable Dinosaurs are Taking Over!

I used to have a lot of spiders in the yurt, and they kept the rest of the bugs in check. I completely overcame my arachnophobia, but Abigail was less enthusiastic. While I was gone helping my Mom after her broken arm for a few months, these little cuties moved in. They are super cute, eat bugs (and spiders!), and make little poops that are neat and easy to clean up! When I replaced the outer wall of the yurt recently, I discovered that there are probably at least forty or fifty of these guys in here, though I usually one see one or two at at time. This kind of little miracle happens frequently in this kind of lifestyle, and is one of the things that makes it so rewarding.

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One Response to Cute Dinosaur EVAR!

  1. Vasa says:

    Boy howdy that is a lot of anoles! Good job staying out of the way šŸ™‚

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