Countertop Nirvana

After the arrival of the new fridge, I’m hard at work creating the next phase of the yurt countertop!

My New Yurt Counter Design! Office to the right of the door, cooking in the middle, and sink on the far end.

I’ll have to office near the door where I can see outside, the cooking area in the middle, and the sink on the far end near the wardrobe and, presumably, Narnia.


Permaculture design dictates long observation before commitment. With only 113 sq. ft. and a passion for cooking, it’s even more important to get it right! I’ve moved the sink three times, but think I’ve finally found the right setup.


I removed the old bathroom countertop and sink to install my stainless Ikea one:


I’ve gotten pretty good at these crazy partially-rounded-trapezoid cuts. More on how I do that later.



Levelness is important for sinks:


If you’re going to have a sinkhole in your house, this is the kind to have.




I’ve got one 5-gallon jug each for water in and out. The out one is lowered to make room for the p-trap. A 12V windshield wiper pump and bug sprayer hooked to a foot pedal fire the sink, which, even with every day use, uses less than 5 gallons per month! I built this p-trap custom because the flow rate is too low to flush a normal one. It’s not glued, just pushed together. So far, no leaks. I’ll probably glue parts of it later.

My Kitchen Plumbing

The new cargo bed is also nearly done, which I’ll discuss next time!

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1 Response to Countertop Nirvana

  1. Karen Mauer says:

    Thanks for the pictures. It makes things clearer. The sink is a good design. I m not sure where you put the new fridge. Is it working better? Im glad you have the office. When are u helping Chris, soon I think.

    Wiggles begged for her walk in the rollator for hours. Of course I had to get dressed to do that. So after a trip to Aldis and getting the mail, we finally went. Now she is curled up on her brown pillow, in the office. Her teeth cleaning is next Tuesday. I’m about to start in the office. When that is done, I will start on the income tax. Down 2 lbs.

    Love Mom

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