Visitors?!? Quick! Hide It Under the Bed!

Watch the Magical Mechanical Storage Bed transform in less than three minutes!

In Twin/Couch Mode:


First the right and left doors on the bottom open up, and the legs are folded out from underneath, which shows off the storage space. I chose to make two doors instead of one so it’s easier to get to the storage, which means I needed more legs.


These legs are made from recycled cedar and plastic board, and feature furniture levelers with felt pads for fine-tuning. They lock in place in both the up and down positions, and are more than strong enough for the load of two people, motionless or wiggling vigorously. 🙂


Next the rope holding the mattress back is unhooked, and the mattress slides down into Full Sized position!



TADA! Now you have a full-sized bed fit for two!


You can see the extra 15″ difference clearly. It’s *way* more bed space, but it also reaches to the mid-point of the yurt.

When I first installed it, I was upset at how big and boxy it was, but what I’ve discovered is that it’s actually like having a separate bedroom/chill space. I spend a lot of time up on the bed reading, gaming, and doing computer work, and it makes a great theater space for up to four people!

There are a few problems. The fitted sheet tends to get pinched when I fold out the doors. It’s possible to damage the doors if you sit *right* in the middle of one right at the edge. I’d like to find a way to connect the two doors together in Full Mode so that I can make the four legs equidistant, which would redistribute the weight and fix the problem. I’ll probably do that with some kind of sliding deadbolts. The bed is somehow less comfortable this way than it was on the floor. The only difference is the cork flooring, so I’m going to try adding a thin layer of padding under the mattress to see if that fixes it. There might be some kind of Feng Shui fix for an Open Space Under The Bed.

Despite extensive computer modeling, you can never tell how a final result will be in a tiny space until it’s in there. The thing that saved this bed is the curved shelf in the back. It connected the Big Boxiness of the Cargo Bed with the Round Goofiness of the yurt. The bed still blocks my access to some of my shelves, and my subconscious is postulating better use of those spaces.

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