3% Less Chance of Sudden, Violent Death

I love my 90+ mpg 2015 PCX150, but half the mirrors are blocked by my 6’2″ body, making situational awareness hard. I ordered these extensions on Ebay to see past myself better.

Before extension:


Substantially More Erect:


It’s worth noting that on this bike, *both* mirrors are left-handed (reverse) threaded 10 mm 1.25 thread pitch. Even the Honda dealership could not give me all that information! I can think of a reason for *one* mirror to have left-handed threads, but *both*? WTF? Reverse threads are usually used in situations where motion would normally cause something to unscrew and fly off, like table saw blades and blenders. Are there some statistics about the comparative frequency of turns I should know about?

It’s been raining since I put them on there, so today may be my first day for a test drive!

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2 Responses to 3% Less Chance of Sudden, Violent Death

  1. Mom says:

    Hope they keep you more than 3% safer. Hope they are ok in the wind.

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