The Fallacy of Certainty

I’m turning my van into a stealth camper and mobile office. Once it’s done, I can live and work anywhere super cheap!

The Good News: This $400 device that will let me use 120V appliances in my RV works!
The Bad News: I took the entire fucking thing apart thinking it was broken when it wasn’t.

How do I wire the van? I must measure each appliance, including the power lost converting 12V DC of my batteries to 120V AC. That’s where this beast comes in.


Xantrex ProWatt 2000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Mistaken Idiot’s View

I accidentally touched the case (-12V) when screwing on the power cable (12V). *zzzZZZZAP!*

When I hit the power button, it would just beep fitfully like a sad R2D2. The display showed nothing. Without it, I can’t use my water heater, coffee maker or microwave, or order any cable to continue the project.

The manual said “qualified technician only.” I reached for the screwdriver.

Thirty screws later, nothing seemed broken. It still just beeped sadly. But then, in a fit of inspiration/serendipity, I *held in* the button for two or three seconds. *BEEP*! It came on!

I’m fairly certain I never tried that the first time. I *assumed* that because I had made the Big Spark and it wasn’t coming on, it was broken.


Good thing I live cheaply in a yurt and have no mortgage or debt! These kind of delays are part of the process. If I have to fix the inverter later, I’ll know how to take it apart.

After a painful re-assembly that I had to restart several times, it’s back together and inverting happily!

Next I need to install my battery flow meter (Tri-Metric 2030RV) to measure how much power each appliance uses, then see what wires will be required to keep all the power flowing in a worst-case scenario. I’ll cover that next.

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