Attracting Kids to the Van with Ice Cream

This past weekend I continued profiling my appliances by using child labor. My partner’s kids wanted to hang out with me more, so I looked for some structured activity to hide behind. Making ice cream inside the crazy electrical maze of my van seemed like a perfect idea! I scored this sweet Delongi ice cream maker at Goodwill for $30 and it works perfectly.

They requested raspberry, so I bought some fresh ones and some preserves. I was on a tight deadline, so we had to do things like strain the cooked berries through a tea ball since I had forgotten my fine mesh strainer. I explained to them how the electrical system in the van worked and had her daughter record the numbers, seen here.


I was surprised the machine didn’t take more power — only 12.3 A cooling and stirring, and a total of 7.16 Ah to transform luke-warm batter into ready-to-eat soft serve.

I used about half the container of preserves and one 4 oz container of fresh raspberries. I reduced the amount of sugar from 1/2 to 3/8 cup.

The result was delicious!

I’d love to try out similar recipes with fresh West Coast fruit in Portland this summer. The ability to spontaneously create custom ice cream will be a great way to get into people’s driveways!

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