There’s a Parrot on Your Head

Despite threats of rain and due to peer pressure from several friends, I took a small part in the yearly bacchanalia of Eeyore’s Birthday Party this Saturday afternoon. It’s a yearly fundraiser for local charities in Pease Park smack in the middle of town.

Nothing says “Austin” quite like the sea of costumed, pot-smoking hippies and their accompanying armada of dogs, children, and random musical instruments.

20170429_150245.jpgWe ended up getting ironically delayed by a group of People’s Climate March & Rally protesters due to a wrong turn. They were marching away from Eeyore’s at the time, but most of them probably had either come from there, went there afterward, or both.



We took the shuttle bus to avoid the nightmare of trying to park nearby. We only had to wait about 15 minutes to get on the bus, which was a fun mobile party.







Can you find the woman with a live parrot on her head in the in the funnel cake line? There are many casual old friend I often see only once a year at the event. This time around my peer group nev20170429_161028.jpger quite made a nest, so Lee and I ended up rotating through for most of the event. Thanks to Lee, Allen, and Andi for convincing me to go and helping me get there. I almost stayed in bed after I saw the weather forecast! As it turned out, there was no rain until after the event was over, and while it was a big muggy, it was actually one the coolest Eeyore’s I’ve ever attended.






Although it’s a target rich environment, I generally don’t take many pictures there myself. Other have done a fabulous job on that front.

Eeyore's Birthday Party
Photo by Steve Hopson

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