Putting My RV Build on Sprinter-Source.com

I’ve started my Sprinter conversion thread on Sprinter-Source.com. I’m turning my empty cargo van into an off-grid urban stealth camper and mobile office. The first post has nearly all my hardware20170412_170137.jpg listed and why I chose it.

This forum has a huge number of detailed build threads for various Sprinter RV conversions, and has been enormously helpful in making decisions so far. My goal is to provide enough detail on my conversion that someone else could duplicate any part of it with minimal technical skill.

I’ll be making my detailed posts there as I go, and then cross posting a link and a summary here to my blog and to FaceBorg, just like I’m doing now. My current goal is to get my solar panels mounted before Memorial Day when I’ll be going to Burning Flipside. I finally managed to find the slide brackets necessary to attach something to the rails on the roof, which was shocking hard to discover. I got eight of these to bolt on the panels, which are already mounted in pairs on aluminum rails.

I’m excited to see this project coming together!


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2 Responses to Putting My RV Build on Sprinter-Source.com

  1. anewsom says:

    Hi! Found your blog via Google (random word search for “ketothon,” to see if it already existed in blog form. It doesn’t, but it DID pop up in one of your blog posts!) I’m a marathon runner who is (*gasp*) lowering my carb intake as an experiment and thinking of starting up a blog about training in ketosis. My husband and I currently live north of Houston, and we are also working on a Sprinter conversion! We have a 2015 standard length/height cargo van with a nifty new Sportsmobile penthouse (LOVE IT). Other than a DIY bed, some old carpet on the floor, and a homemade composting toilet, we haven’t done much else yet. We’re mountain folks who are temporarily stuck in TX for work (planning our van escape back to CO or MT soon…) AND my husband is a 3-stripe blue belt in BJJ, so it looks like we have lots in common! Looking forward to gathering more van ideas and seeing how your conversion progresses 🙂

    • Scott Mauer says:

      Hi Aimee! Glad to have you on here. The Sprinter is a really popular mid-sized conversion option for good reason. Congrats on your van. Friends of mine have a 2006 Sportsmobile conversion and it’s super tight and professional. Sportsmobile is actually based here in Austin. You should get to see a lot of activity here soon, since I want to leave for the West Coast in June, with plans to live in the van full time. I just scored an induction cooktop at Goodwill for $10 that I’m going to try. I’d love to eliminate propane from my setup, by my electrical setup is borderline for anything but the lightest induction and microwave cooking. I might bring both cooktops with me to see how they compare on the road. Definitely looking forward to some great low carb cooking on the trip. Thanks for connecting!

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