The Empty Echo of Bats

Batman is dead! Long live Batman!

I retired the Batcave, the home of our router, on the same day as Adam’s West’s death. Due to very short cables, our Dark Knight has lived in the Batcave outdoors for over a year without complaint, despite being designed to live in a climate-controlled server closet instead of in the hell of Texas nature.

The Bat Cave, Bereft

Our Hero, now in The Barn

I’m the only person the property with any wifi tech skills, and am therefore the default administrator. With our single 15 MBS uplink and a collection of thrift store routers, our setup serves seven people among five structures. We have one trailer on hard-wire ethernet, two cantenna connections, and one over WDS. I remain constantly astonished it works so well.

The cantenna in my yurt needed to be re-aimed after the move, and I decided it was time for a mechanism more precise than the rusty bailing wire it was hanging from, so I went to work.





This simple mount has only three wooden pieces, two screws, and two wing nuts, but allows full pan-and-tilt control to aim the cantenna.



My signal strength isn’t *quite* as good as it used to be, but I’m still getting nearly full throughput, and the strength for every other wireless hookup on the property improved, so I consider the move a success.

The next step is to get The Dark Knight out of the light and back up onto a familiar Eyrie perch by making a shelf on the wall. This should improve our signal even more, since some of the cantennas links are over 150 feet away, sometimes through metal objects.

If people want more details on our Thrift Store Wifi Setup, let me know and I’ll do a more technical post!

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