Screaming Drills, Power Trips, and Nuclear Fusion

I created my first solar panel mounting rail! In about a week, my panels should be on the van generating power.

I used 1/4″ thick 3″x 3″ aluminum angle for the mounts, which turns out to be Wild Overkill. I read on Sprinter Source of someone doing something with 3/16″ angle, that would have been *more* than enough. The rails cost about $100 for four pieces at 45″.

Naturally I got the screw length wrong, so I’ll head to Home Depot today to exchange my 3/4″ stainless screws for 1.5″. I was only 50% off!


I have four of these Renology 100 watt panels I got for over 40% off!

Here you can see the 3″ angle bolted to the side of the two panels.


The panels will be mounted in pairs, with one set in front of the main fan, and one set behind.


I’ll post more thorough diagrams and descriptions later. These should be on the roof in less than a week, at which point I’ll know more about what additional wires I need to buy.

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