Slashing Trees and Slapping Gods

The road into the property needed trimming up to 11′ so that Junior’s new fan and solar panels won’t have to endure undue sylvan fondling every time I drive somewhere.

The Trees have Offended, and will Pay.

It took over four hours in the blistering heat in what turned out to be dwindling shade. I should have drunk more water and used gloves. I should also have had some hand clippers and maybe my rechargeable saw. But since I’m gearing up for my “annual” trip to Portland, it’s time to start exercising whatever superhuman reserves I have available, since the gods of all major religions will shortly be dropping whatever else they’re doing and teaming up to stop me.

They will fail.

Blisters from 1/2 mile of tree trimming...My other hand was even in worse shape. At first I thought the main problem was the three inch mesquite thorn that slammed into my hand during a branch drop. However, I think the pain of being stabbed distracted away from the blunt trauma of the same impact, because now I can only bend my wrist fully if straighten my fingers. The injury seems to be improving, so I probably won’t go to see a doctor unless it gets worse.

The process was painful, but I’m excited it’s done! I’m leaving in three weeks, and the electrical systems in Junior will work better if they’re actually plugged in.









Slapping gods is risky business.


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