Touching Up The Boo-Boos




Junior looks much better after I painted the The Big Hole to prevent rust during my Portland trip. Instead of the correct 10 step process for long-lasting repair, I just scraped off the loose stuff, got off most of the rust spots, and painted over it with three coats of Rustoleum Gloss White Enamel. The color isn’t a perfect match, but it’s still pretty hard to see if you don’t know to look for it. I’m planning on doing some body work on this panel once I get back, so this is just a stop-gap. Sprinter are infamous for rust problems.

Details on my Sprinter-Source RV build page here.

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2 Responses to Touching Up The Boo-Boos

  1. westywanderer says:

    As my uncle Philip (in Austin) used to say, “Looks don’t make it run”.

    • Scott Mauer says:

      Indeed! I’m a little more worried now because a crack has started in the windshield beneath the hit, which means that the metal is distorted enough to be putting differential pressure on the windshield. I’ll need to pull the headliner and at least pop the metal enough to get it to stop pinching the windshield before it gets worse. I’ve already replaced the windshield in this van on its *first* trip to Portland!

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