Maintaining The Feet Fleet

The soles on these Keens had come loose, so I decide to try to re-attach them with the disturbingly snot-like but amazingly effective DAP Weldwood.




It’s been a few days since I glued them back together, and the sandals have been have holding up well so far. I’ll report back as time goes on. Not bad for $6 worth of Weldwood, only 2/3 of which I used for this repair.

Due to the 2013 Portland Thrift Store Miracle, I have an embarrassingly huge number of high-end sandals. At first I was super excited to find a pair of size 12 Keens and Rockports in the same visit to compliment my existing pair of leather Chacos. Things started to take on a supernatural air when I found another set of perfect Keens on a different trip. When I discovered the set of synthetic Chacos the next day, my joy developed a tinge of paranoia. But it wasn’t until I then found a set of brand new Birkenstocks as well as a third set of Keens that I finally had to take spiritual measures to stay the gods generosity. My level of privilege and luck is already shamefully high, and I was certain there were others large-footed men somewhere in Portland that could use some fucking shoes. Where was I going to even put them all? How much leather conditioner can one person own? Was that man speaking Japanese on his cell phone in the corner a member of the Yakuza after my sandals? Normal statistical odds had clearly been suspended, who knew what was possible?

After losing the phone guy by ducking through the toy section, I left the last pair of Keens next to a plastic Shiva statue and stayed away from thrift stores for a few days to allow the gods to re-focus their obsessive generosity elsewhere.

The aforementioned Chacos, my best hiking sandal with their super-tall soles, is beyond my ability to repair.

Through a trial of miles my sole has worn thin.

However, for $40, Chaco will re-sole the pair, so that’s probably what I’ll do there.

The Cargo Bed had a similar problem with the felt pads on it’s feet, so I threw them into the mix as well.



I’m ending with a duplicate of this picture because Facebook seems to use the last picture in my WordPress post as its main photo, and I haven’t figured out how to change that yet.


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