Final Countdown for Portland 2017

The Maxxair Deluxe 7000 fan is in! My second home is almost ready to roll for the West Coast for its inaugural RV adventure!

The van is waterproof and road-worthy for the first time since I cut a massive hole in the roof last week. This was the biggest project I needed to get done before leaving town! I can work inside the van on the road, but sawing a hole in the roof is another story…

Today I’ll be testing the solar charging system, installing the alternator charging relay, and prototyping a power board for all these expensive power components to live on. I have only three working days until I leave.


Here are links to the two Sprinter Source posts with the technical narrative. I’m putting them as separate links, because FB seems to removing inline ones.

And the updated pictures:

I’ve also gotten a lot done on the solar system yesterday, and I haven’t been down to the van since I did a test assembly in the dark last night. Hopefully Junior is not on fire. Today I will be buying and routing whatever wire I need to get the solar and alternator charging systems hooked up to the house battery pack. Right now it’s all just scattered on the floor barely holding together. I want to use welding cable for the final result, but will have to go with Home Depot or jumper cables for now.


Grumpy Scott does not like working in 100 oF heat!




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