Electricity and Water

Electricity is now beamed into my life from Heaven!

It feels good to be getting so close to being fully off-grid! I stole the already well-tested plumbing setup from the yurt, brought my composting toilet, and now have both 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC power.

The solar panels are now fully wired and online. I left extra wire length so I can move things around until I like the arrangement, but they’re 100% functional.

Here you can see me pulling 20 amps from the panels into my house batteries. I should be able to get a max of about 30 amps, but I can’t test that until the batteries are lower. The charger intelligently changes its behavior depending on how full the batteries are, and they were mostly topped up during this test. I’ll do more detailed testing once I’m not traveling cross country.


I’m not sure if I’ll have enough power to run my electric cooktop off of my current setup. I was going to bring a propane camp stove as a backup, but I decided at the last minute to leave both that and my convection microwave behind. I have my Starbucks Barista espresso maker, a one cup coffee maker, my Zojirushi tea heater for hot water, and my induction cooktop. The question is whether my system can handle running those as needed along with my roof fan and 12V Vitrofrigo fridge. I may also pick up a beater thrift store microwave in Portland once I know where it might fit.

While visiting my Mom in Hurst we went to the North Richland Hills Aquatic Center, which has a water slide and a resistance river all indoors! It’s amazing! She gets a free membership with her Silver Sneakers coverage under Medicare Advantage.


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