Interiors On The Sly

I’m Tetrising the interior of the van while helping my Mom find a new car and get back on her feet.

I got some gross measurements for all the major interior components. When I left I just jammed everything in there anticipating having plenty of time to work on it in Portland. Now I can try a bunch of different layouts in Sketchup first before shoving things around.



Then I broke down in Abilene and had to work in the 100 F heat for three days to get the van fixed. As soon as I got done, I got the message my Mom had been in a car wreck and headed back to Hurst to help her out.

We’re finally getting things under control here, so hopefully I’ll have some time to pick a layout and install the fridge and the sink. At that point the van will be ready for full-time living at temperatures below 95 F.

I’m designing everything to be as modular as possible so that it’s easy to try out different layouts. I’ve left all the major electrical wires long so I can move the battery box around.

One reason I got a Sprinter is because there are all kinds of fun electronic projects for RV conversions that could become a garage business for me. I ordered some parts to talk to the computer on my Trimetric battery meter. I’d like to have it automatically connect to the alternator for charging if the batteries get too low. More on that soon!

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