Nostalgia and Cheap Steel

When leaving the yurt, I just sort of ripped out most of the sink mechanism because it was fast and easy. The only thing I really needed to install it in Junior was the sink itself and the hardware you see dangling on the bottom here.


My Thrift Store sense was tingling, but oddly was pointing toward Home Depot. There I found a perfect stainless bar sink out of the package and missing parts. “Make me a deal!” I said. They gave it to me for half price, which is cheaper than anything I could find even on Craigslist. Booyah!


I choose to interpret this as a Peace Offering from the gods, with whom I’ve recently had some drama. I gratefully accept and hope we can all be friends again.

And, finally, going through all pictures with my Mom turned up this gem:


I may have to go back in time and have a little talk with my younger self about appropriate footwear, since I’ve long held that if I were, in fact, Doctor Who, I would simply travel throughout history and kick bad engineers in the balls without explanation. I’d also have to have a Tom Baker scarf, but otherwise I think the rest of the outfit totally works.

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