Star Wars in Golden Colorado

20170818_005817.jpgI got the fridge working, stocked it up at the Denver Walmart where I spent thenight, then went to visit Dennis at LinDen Engineering. For years Dennis has helped me fix Junior from thousands of miles away. Today, he was within hand-shaking distance!


The Bardo Coffee Shop on Broadway in Denver was the perfect place to catch up on my Bandwidth Delinquency Thursday night. The barista, Jed, was tall, buzzed, and wearing a UtiliKilt. Sorry, no pictures of him!


I was super excited to get my Vitrifrigo fridge working! This will make Eclipse Chaos way more bearable.


I had tried to get in touch with Linden Engineering, known to be one of the best Sprinter shops in the country, for several days, but hadn’t managed to get through. I decided to just show up with some flowers. What a great decision!

Few places I’ve been feel more fundamentally Star Wars than Linden Engineering in Golden Colorado. Nestled amidst the gorgeous mountains is this wild collection of strange and enormous foreign vehicles!


The Sprinters were the smallest rides there!



Absolutely enchanted, I hurried inside with my flowers!

The shop was huge, sprawling, and filled with the most amazingly otherwordly vehicles I’ve ever seen. I quickly made contact with Linda and Dennis, the owners. Linda was super happy with the flowers, and Dennis turned out to be even more wonderful, friendly, and theatrical than I could have hoped! We traded Xtreme Field Repair stories for more than 30 minutes between customers before getting this blurry but ecstatic shot:


There’s something magical about collaborating with someone online for years and then meeting them in person. It was about lunchtime, and I offered to take them out, but they demurred. After banishing a brief fantasy of moving to Golden to work in their shop, I bought the $150 of oil and filters necessary to perform my own oil change, bid them both a hearty farewell, and headed north!



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