Mountain Adventures

P8200039.jpgWhile in Bridger-Teton National Forest for the eclipse, I went on several hikes. The first was downhill from the Phillips Trailhead, I think on the Phillips Connector. The sign was gone, so I wasn’t sure. There is a parallel mountain bike trail, which was clearly the reason most people came to that trailhead. There were probably fifty mountain bikers through there during my visit.

The area is beautiful and the hike mild. It’s mostly forested, initially dirt, then it joins the road for a while before diverging down to the small lake at the bottom.


You can see the flying hornet in the big version!



On a later hike I ran out of water due to poor planning, and I will be adding a water filter bottle for drinking local water to my mandatory hiking gear!


Lots of gorgeous and interesting flora here!


The forest is frequently appealingly fuzzy!

And the dandelions will BLOW YOUR MIND!


In the forest death is frequently pretty, as long as it’s not yours.

At the bottom, I met a local librarian and several families who brought their dogs to play fetch in the water. This brought out the wrath of a local beaver, who swam out and *SLAM* flipped his displeasure at the intrusion into his domain! Take that, canids!

This was the first real Natural Wildlife I had seen, and I was pretty excited!


This was a shorter hike, but I still learned the Hiking 101 lesson, start from the bottom so you can hike up when you’re fresh and provisioned, then hike *down* when you’re tired.

The climb up was much huffier, especially with the high altitude. I took many restful breaks. 🙂

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