Down Into the Jackson Hole


The city of Jackson Wyoming is the biggest town near Bridger-Teton National Forest where I saw the 2017 eclipse. It’s expensive and touristy, but very
walkable and fun. It’s kind of like Disney Land for the Western Mountain Experience.

One of the best things about Jackson is that it has city-wide wifi! After several days of no data and barely any cell service, this was so orgasmic I got a ticket for parking too long downtown. I could just sit in my van on my computer as long as I wanted, and eventually I fell asleep. Considering I had seen the entire eclipse without spending a cent on lodging, I was ok with losing the $30.

The Persephone Cafe and Bakery quickly became my favorite hangout. Great coffee, *amazing* baked goods, and a small but fabulous selection of breakfast foods.

The pastries!!!

Variations on my Sprinter van, including competitors like this new Dodge Ram and Ford Transits, were everywhere in the mountains.



Persephone has a small Frenchly-cramped interior and large outdoor porch featuring several fire heat sources and free blankets for cold mountain mornings. Many people wore long sleeves and jackets with shorts. All of them were Wrong.

This breakfast my second morning was so good I almost embarrassed myself moaning pornographically in public. Not only was it amazing, but I think one of my low-carb gluten-free muffin recipes could be adapted to work like this.



There are a lot of crazy mountain vehicles that look like loads of fun to almost kill oneself in.


This is my favorite plaque of the trip so far! It makes me *really* want a pug version of the Bulldog hood ornament.


This display was at the Art Center. At first I thought it was a tiny living demonstration or something, but each piece was actually a separate work of art.

I ended up at Snake River Brewing for dinner, which was expensive but worth it.


I had the trout with some local Rye Ale for dinner, and this fabulous popcorn for dessert. Their wifi helped me catch up on all my blogging.


I was able to park the van overnight for two nights just outside the controlled parking area with no harassment. Living in Junior rocks! I can cook and eat cheaply inside for sustenance to save money for the really good meals. Jackson is lousy with RVs of all stripes, and tourism is clearly their main business.

The area’s main themes are Western and Native American art.



After buying a small vacuum for $5 and a used clarinet for $10 from the local thrift stores, I aired up my tires and prepared to heat for Yellowstone! Although it’s super-loud, I really like this Ryobi 18V tire pump that works with my existing batteries. My driver-side rear tire was down almost 10 lbs, a lot more than the right one. I didn’t find any punctures, but I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

I’m also starting to cross-post to Instagram as “nametag”.



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