OMG Bison

As I travelled through Yellowstone on my way to Artist’s Point in the Grand Canyon, I encountered a huge herd of bison! Bison on the hills! Bison grazing on the roadside! Bison slobbering on my van! It was definitely the most intense wildlife experience I’d had thus far at Yellowstone.

I got this obscene Ice Cream Creation at the Old Faithful Inn on my way out of that area. It was more than a complete meal.


The river lowlands en-route to The Grand Canyon were gorgeous and flowing!


Here’s a panorama with Junior perched on a hill:


But naturally the coolest thing was the bison!


At first there was just the one:

But then suddenly there were a Lot More!

A huge herd was casually wandering through traffic, so I stopped the van and got out the camera!

They were just about touching the vas as they ambled and snorted by! If I had been dumb enough to try to pet them, I would have succeeded. Briefly.

After about 15 minutes, the herd had thinned enough to get moving again.

In person bison are incredibly powerful, hairy, snorty, and majestic! I was a little worried, even inside my massive armored box, and there were quite a few people breaking the rules, out of their vehicles to get better shots. Not me! I was deeply grateful that I was able to encounter one of the most amazing creatures in the park without any planning or extra effort. Ofttimes my life is amazingly blessed!

After I was able to get moving again, I hurried (at low speed) to get to The Grand Canyon before dark.

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