Doing Portland

So now that you’re in Portland, you ask, what are you doing?

I’m standing in line for 40 minutes for Salt and Straw Ice Cream. Three times.


Favorite weird flavor this trip? Bonemarrow and Smoked Cherries!


I’m breaking shit in the van:


I’m drinking coffee:


I’m saving lives through basic personal hygiene:


…and being the only sober person at dance venues:

(only in moderation)

I’m riding around on my undignified folding bicycle nearly every day:

…and learning new ways to strap things to it.

I’m heating objects by converting photons gathered from Heaven first into electrons, then into directed microwaves inside a plastic box inches from my body:


This is the biggest draw on the power system so far, 100 amps.

I was going to go hiking, but the forest burned down. 😦 Instead I went to a class where I learned how to tie people up, which was fun.

I’m having a great time! The weather is beautiful, I can easily park near any part of town I want, and can then bike anywhere within four miles or so and back. Some friends have been very responsive, others have been harder to nail down. So far I’ve had precisely zero drama around living in my van, which is less than I expected. I have to wonder how it will be once I get back to Austin.

I was going to go do some laundry, but Robert pointed out this great on-the-road method used by John Steinbeck that I might try instead.

Finally, after looking into several options, I decided to join ADX, that amazing co-workshop, for the two weeks remaining. I’m ready to make some upgrades to Junior, and there are already three other Sprinter conversions happening there, so I should be in good company. More details to come!

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2 Responses to Doing Portland

  1. Karen J Mauer says:

    Let me know how the on the road laundry works. You could buy really cheap clothes second hand and throw them away.

    • Scott Mauer says:

      That’s a good idea, and could be cheaper than actually paying for laundry. I’m a little torn about using the bucket method because I don’t move the van very often, so the bouncing would be minimized. I thought maybe of hanging the bucket from a bungie cord and just smacking it every few minutes to make it bounce around..

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