Supply Gathering and Cat Care

The kitchen countertop in my van is a little disorganized…


It works, but I’ve had some time to live in the space and decided I want a single long countertop instead. Time to find parts!


I headed over to The Rebuilding Center, one of my favorite places in Portland! They recycle building supplies from demolished building for reuse in new projects.

They have this amazing sculptured front door that really captures the spirit of the place:


First I found this interior door for $5 to to cut down and use as my new countertop. This is not meant to be the final result, but it will let me cheaply prototype the next step in my Permaculture-and-Agile-Style iterative design process. My friend Neil had two same-height countertops in one of his Sprinter conversions, and was able to put a bridge over them to make a bed, which sounds like it’s worth trying.


I also found these super heavy-duty adjustable Ikea table legs for $1 each! The only catch? They tops are angled, so if I want to use them straight I’ll have to find a way to correct the angle.


In the meantime I’m helping out Amanda and Paul by house and cat-sitting for them. This gives me access to a shower, full kitchen, storage space, room to work, etc., and their kitties get food, attention, and poop scooping. Thanks guys!


I took advantage of the kitchen to make this fabulous and tasty yard-tomato-and-Cheeto omelet!


In the process I always find these little Portland gems to keep things interesting!

Fabulous Wonder Woman Car

Amazing Reflections at East Portland Coffee Roasters

Another in a Deluge of Fabulous Thrift Store Chickens!

After a super-grateful shower, I’m gonna head over to ADX and start building the new countertop! Free beer and power tools for the win!

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