Double Low-Carb Pound Cake Muffins


One of the biggest struggles in living small is trying to fit a full sized kitchen into a 113 sq. ft. living space. These delicious low-carb pound cake muffins have been a staple of my low-carb diet for quite a while, but only half a pan of muffins would fit in my small combo oven, until today!

I tried using the included rack to stack another half pan on top, and it worked! The thing I most dislike about this oven it that it doesn’t seem to support turning off the convection fan. Convection is great for meat and veggies, but terrible for baking. Although it evens out the temperature, it also causes the outside to cook faster than the inside. This is why I use a muffin pan instead of a normal pound cake tin. However, this oven only has burners on top, so if it *didn’t* use the convection fan, it’s almost certain the top muffins would be burned and the bottom ones would be under-done.


There’s no way to disable the fan with the oven’s built-in controls, so I’ve been thinking about installing a manual switch just for that. It also occurs to me, though, that simply baking at a lower temperature for a longer period of time might fix the problem also. I’d get the more even heat of a convection bake, but there would be more time for the heat to penetrate into the inside of larger baked goods instead of just burning the outside. I’ll try some experiments and report back.

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