I feel really amazing and free right now!

I’ve used this 100 sq. ft. storage unit since I moved out of my house. Seen here it’s already more than half purged:

Shortly after dark last night, I loaded the last of my possessions into Junior, swept the floor of my storage unit, and *closed the door*!


It’s been a long road, starting back when I first decided to sell my 2400 sq. ft. house in 2013 after years of accumulating crap. I went through at least three major purges before I finally sold in 2015. I *still* had so much stuff I had to stuff my derelict Metro to the gills to get everything off property in time for the closing!

The storage unit was a necessary step as I downsized my life from that big house to a tiny 113 sq. ft. yurt. There’s plenty of storage out here on the farm, though, just waiting to be claimed. This space above the milking parlor in the barn is a perfect example. Here’s what it looked like when I started:


And after I cleaned it up…


The only problem is that it’s 10 feet off the ground and there are no steps. 🙂 The only stuff I let myself put up there were large, light items that don’t need much protection and take up huge amounts of space.

Now I have the yurt, my van, an on-site 75 cu.ft. storage space that used to be a milk fridge, and a few spaces like this. Most of my big tools, some of the largest things I have left, are in our barn workshop.

This is the fridge storage. Having relocated the Big Floofy Stuff to the barn, I can now add two new sets of shelves and store nearly twice as much neatly.



My decision to move as much as possible into transparent tubs has been a huge success. It’s easy to find things, they’re reasonably weatherproof for short periods of time, and they’re cheap. I’d prefer to get stronger ones that cost more, as these are pretty easy to break if they’re overstressed.

Now that everything is back in one place, it’s time for one more pass through the Konmari tidying system. Despite having been purged separately several times, I can guarantee I’ll end up able to reduce my space usage another 20-25%.

The $80 a month I spent on storage is one my last unnecessary expenses, and as of today, it’s *gone*! WOOHOO!

I want to acknowledge that it was a *lot* of emotional labor and time to do this, but it’s 100% worth it. It’s totally normal for it to be hard. But, my life is cheaper, I can find things quickly, and I feel more open and free. I found the Konmari method helpful, and there are lots of resources and help available for people who want to downsize but are having trouble. For me it’s a huge milestone in increasing my quality of life while reducing my standard of living. Time to head out and celebrate!

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One Response to OUT!!!

  1. Karen J Mauer says:

    Congratz on reaching a goal.

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